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Episode 261: Building a Home for Innovation: Inside Edmonton Unlimited's Innovation Hub

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We had the pleasure of attending this year's Launch Party 14, hosted by Edmonton Unlimited as one of their Startup Week events. We were given the opportunity to interview their impressive line-up of founders and supporters, showcasing a wide range of innovative businesses. Edmonton Unlimited's Launch Party 2023 brought together the city's tech community to celebrate and support local startups. From automatic Christmas tree fire extinguishers to sunglass and goggle brands, the entrepreneurs discussed their products and the problems they aim to solve. Edmonton Unlimited’s unwavering dedication to highlighting Edmonton's thriving tech ecosystem and the collaborative spirit that drives its success cannot go unnoticed. With a focus on networking and education, Launch Party provides a platform for startups to connect with investors and raise awareness for their ventures.

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00:00 - Intro

00:58 - Introducing, Extinguishing Ornaments

02:11 - Introducing, Good Day Optics

06:34 - Introducing, Good Goods

09:04 - City of Edmonton’s perspective on the tech community

09:41 - Inspiration and support for the startup community

09:42 - The positive impact of Launch Party

09:42 - Positive atmosphere and inspiration in the startup community

10:29 - Unique culture and community support in Edmonton

11:25 - Edmonton's affordability and opportunities for tech development

12:05 - Wish for successful people to invest in local startups

13:59 - Alberta government's focus on supporting the tech sector

15:31 - Mayor Sohi's excitement about the tech community and innovation

16:38 - The City of Edmonton’s open data policy and fostering innovation

18:43 - Introducing, Get a Site Going

21:22 - Introducing, Team CarePal

23:03 - The biggest challenge: Making partnerships with the public and non-profit systems

24:30 - Introducing, Rogue7 

27:17 - Networking and potential partnerships are valuable for startup businesses

30:08 - Events like this create momentum and support for the tech industry

31:05 - Introducing, Dyne 

33:53 - Tim Cartmell discusses plans for the $10,000 prize money

34:48 - Clavis transitioned from B2C to B2B to ensure steady revenue

37:40 - Catherine Warren explains the significance of Launch Party for Edmonton

38:44 - Edmonton Unlimited supports the tech community through various events

40:45 - The "Secret Sauce" represents the collaboration within Edmonton's tech community

42:11 - Edmonton Unlimited's innovation hub on Jasper Ave fosters collaboration

44:26 - Launch Party 2024 should not be missed!

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