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Episode 271: Redeeming Work: A New Approach to Entrepreneurship and Business Design

Featuring Dan Rogers of Work P2P

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In this episode of Amplify Your Business, we sit down with Dan Rogers, an entrepreneur who brings an entirely fresh perspective to the table. The conversation dives deep into the foundational principles every entrepreneur must consider to succeed truly.


In the heart of the discussion, Rogers, the CEO and owner of WorkP2P, emphasizes the importance of a clear and articulate vision, which he believes is crucial for a business's growth. Transitioning to the practicalities, the episode sheds light on the distinction between designing a company as a societal system rather than the traditional corporate model. Dan elaborates on the success of his own company, which stopped outbound marketing and now thrives on inbound interest thanks to a focus on building trust and adding value without a hard sell.

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00:00 Intro

00:00 Three things every entrepreneur should know. 

06:27 Why the traditional corporate model is flawed

09:42 WorkP2P and their mission to redeem work

12:23 How COVID-19 impacted business

14:00 Getting paid to practice beats working to get paid.

16:52 Sharing programs with smaller companies and individuals.

17:32 Stopping outbound sales as everything started coming inbound.

19:56 Trust and reciprocity are key in building relationships with customers.

23:48 Starting a consultancy business to help with sales & marketing

24:14 Dan Rogers explains the value of creating before taking

25:18 The importance of understanding how money moves

31:35 Pushing a business to its limits

32:17 The purpose of a societal system in developing community

36:19 Letting go of customers to align with the company's vision

38:05 Designing systems to incorporate essential elements

39:12 Importance of facing reality and accepting the truth

40:02 Pulling reality in rather than pushing it out

43:49 Outro

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