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Unlocking Your Business Superpower: A Recipe for Success

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you may feel overwhelmed by the challenges of building and scaling your enterprise. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, it’s important to identify and leverage your unique strengths, or what we call your “business superpower.”


how to write an engaging brand story

Turn Your Brand’s Story From Blah to BAM!

“Why?” According to World-English, “why” is the 178th most commonly used word in the English language. Typically used to ask a question, it opens up a conversation to a whole slew of potential responses and hours of endless debate. And it’s a question brands in particular are being asked more and more frequently. But, why?…

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evolution of a more beautiful internet

Are You Ready to Join the Evolution of a More Beautiful Internet?

I received an email yesterday with a subject line that read, “AI websites that design themselves…check it out!” “Wow,” I thought, “a website can design itself now?!” Clearly, my interest was peaked. I followed the link and landed on The Grid website. What I saw in front of me was so simple…2 lines of text,…

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add impact with slideshare

SlideShare – adding impact with this important marketing platform!

SlideShare is quickly gaining notoriety in the world of content marketing. According to, SlideShare sees 500% more B2B traffic than LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with over 3 billion presentation views per month! Stats like these are hard to ignore and clearly illustrate the potential of this growing platform. So what is SlideShare? It’s…

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using video in your crowdfunding campaign to boost engagement

Crowdfunding 101: How Exploding Kittens & Laser Beams Will Raise You More Money!

Yes, you did read the headline correctly; kittens bursting into a fiery blaze, laser pointer distractions and mutant animals have helped achieve unbelievable success on Kickstarter. But, before we get into how these three seemingly unrelated things are going to launch your project to unprecedented success, lets take a quick step back… Unless you’ve been…

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