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Episode 167: AlignVR

Featuring Alex Rossol of AlignVR

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For Episode 167 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Alex Rossol, the co-founder and CEO of AlignVR. AlignVR is a soft skill assessment tool, used for employee hiring or training. Employees are given VR gear and enter into a series of puzzles that they must work together on to complete. In this episode, Alex wows Lance with his revelation that when you’re 90% done on a project, you’re about halfway to the finish line.


Alex goes on to talk about how VR is changing both the in-office and remote work hiring landscape. Gone are the days of awkward interviews and overspending due to miss-hires. With AlignVR, you can learn how potential hires will act in the workplace, whether they have leadership potential, and how they handle obstacles and conflicts before you spend the money on hiring them.

To learn more, visit AlignVR or visit their Instagram to see a video of a teambuilding exercise in action.


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00:00 - Intro

00:58 - Can you explain to me three things that you think every entrepreneur should know?

07:22 - What is AlignVR inspired you to create it?

09:45 - Walk me through the use of AlignVR by hiring managers.

12:53 - Are these VR scenarios created by your company or are they licensed from somewhere else?

17:01 - When you put job candidates into the virtual reality scene, who joins them?

20:34 - How long have you been in the VR industry?

26:50 - What has been the biggest challenge in going from creating VR escape rooms to AlignVR?

33:09 - If you could write your past self a letter, what would it say?

40:27 - What future opportunities do you see for AlignVR as hardware for VR headsets gets cheaper and the technology gets better?

42:42 - How can people interested in AlignVR get in contact with you?

43:55 - Outro

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