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Episode 235: How One Company is Revolutionizing Project Management Software

Featuring Fred Dyste of BizWatt LLC

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For Episode 235 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Fred Dyste, the founder of BizWatt LLC. BizWatt is a software development company that has developed a PPM tool, called QFactor that helps Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers effectively and profitably track project scope, budget, and timeline.


Qfactor is a software tool designed to help land surveyors with the proposal and project creation process. It allows for easy tracking of project status and profitability by integrating with time entry and accounting software, eliminating the need to enter data multiple times. Proposals are crucial for land surveyors as they lead to business opportunities, cash flow, and profitability. However, it can be difficult to quantify this information if it is not easily accessible. With Qfactor, tracking work progress in real-time becomes possible, giving the ability to see the percentage of completion and profitability before invoicing.

To learn more, you can email Fred at or visit the website at


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01:39 - What are three things that you think every entrepreneur needs to know?

07:50 - Can you tell us a little bit about BizWatt? What sets you apart and what’s special about what you’ve developed?

13:53 - What are some of the profound moments within your entrepreneurial journey that have led you to this point?

20:16 - What makes the entrepreneurial journey so difficult?

22:49 - What’s easier with this business than what you’ve found with the rest of the startups you’ve founded?

27:10 - What’s your secret to maintaining your resilience despite the failures you’ve had in the past?

29:25 - If you could write a letter to your younger self, what advice would you give?

31:38 - If our audience wanted to connect with you, how could they do that?

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