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Episode 218: xpat Entrepreneur: Building a Successful Business in a New Country

Featuring Emma Givera of Bushnel Construction

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For Episode 218 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Emma Givera, the owner of Bushnel Construction S. R. L. Bushnel Construction was founded by Emma’s partner, and when she moved to the Dominican Republic from Toronto, the two realized that her outgoing personality, expertise, and connections to other expats could really ramp up their business. From a small development company, Emma and her partner have grown Bushnel into a business that’s poised to take over! As of March, they’ll begin construction on 47 brand new, custom-made villas across the Dominican Republic.


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00:00 -Intro

02:15 - Can you give us a little backstory of your experience being an expat entrepreneur in the Dominican Republic?

05:33 - Why are so many people investing in the Dominican?

07:20 - What was it like having to learn a brand new industry in a foreign country?

10:19 - What advice would you give to other expats looking to move to the Dominican Republic?

11:52 - What would be the best way for our audience members to connect with you?

12:47 - Outro

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