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Episode 176: Business Link

Featuring Paul Cataford of Business Link

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For Episode 176 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Paul Cataford, the executive director at Business Link. Business Link is a government-funded non-profit that offers business advice, business plan reviews, market research, networking events, workshops and webinars, and helps with government grants to small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alberta. For 25 years they’ve been working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them get up and running or provide advice and a push in the right direction to those who’ve become lost in the overwhelm.


Two of the newest programs that Business Link has become involved with are the DEP and the CDAP. The DEP, or Digital Economy Program, helps small businesses learn to operate in the digital age by teaching entrepreneurs how to use the tools available to them to launch eCommerce websites, put their businesses on the map, and build a thriving social media presence. The CDAP, or Canadian Digital Adoption Program is a micro-grant of $2400 to help entrepreneurs and small businesses deploy eCommerce capabilities.

To learn more, visit Business Link today.


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00:00 - Intro

01:08 - If you could give three pieces of advice to entrepreneurs, what would they be?

02:43 - How long have you been in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

06:11 - Can you tell me a bit about closing your business?

13:23 - What role is Business Link going to have in supporting new entrepreneurs and the growth of existing ones?

17:37 - What do you think are some of the key things that are going to help businesses become more resilient?

23:30 - If you could bend the ear of our next premier, what would you advocate for in terms of programs or tools to help support entrepreneurs?

30:56 - How do we get information about these programs and the kind of advice you give to the right people who need it?

34:47 - How do we reach the people who work full-time jobs but also have their own side hustle?

40:40 - Outro

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