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Episode 161: Change Toothpaste

Featuring Damien Vince of Change Toothpaste

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For Episode 161 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Damien Vince, co-founder of Change Toothpaste, who makes sustainable toothpaste. Change Toothpaste is a toothpaste tablet that doesn’t change how you brush your teeth, but instead, what you use to brush them. Traditional toothpaste tubes are made up of 11 polymers, plastics, and resins that are neither recyclable nor compostable. Every tube ever made still sits in a landfill somewhere. Change Toothpaste wanted to, well, change that. 


Their all-natural toothpaste tablets are sold in compostable pouches, and since it’s a dry tablet - meaning they’re not shipping “water” like traditional toothpaste tubes - shipping is lower, which keeps the cost of the tablets down.

To learn more, visit Change Toothpaste on their website or Instagram.


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00:00 - Intro

01:49 - Based on your entrepreneurial journey, what do you think every entrepreneur should know?

05:53 - What inspired you to create Change Toothpaste?

09:52 - Can you tell us about the new product you have coming out later this year?

11:27 - What marketing hurdles did you have to overcome in getting this product out there?

15:55 - If you could write your past self a letter, what would you say?

18:53 - Through what other channels are you distributing your product?

21:34 - How do you change people’s perception of what brushing their teeth should look like?

26:17 - Has your definition of success changed since you started this journey with Change Toothpaste?

28:01 - What do you love about being an entrepreneur, and what do you not love about it?

30:57 - Outro

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