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Episode 180: Chiwis

Featuring Sarah Goodman of Chiwis

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For Episode 180 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Sarah Goodman, the founder and CEO of Chiwis. Chiwis is an organic health food company that makes fruit chips. But these aren’t the dried fruit that you’ve come to expect. The fruit used to make Chiwis products is farmed right down the street from the facility where they are dried and made into chips. Meaning that rather than getting dehydrated fruit chips that are brown and boring looking, Chiwis fruit chips are dehydrated at the height of their ripeness, which not only allows them to retain their bright colors, but also their sweet flavours.

To learn more, visit the Chiwis website at or check out their Instagram.


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00:00 - Intro

01:57 - What are three key things that every entrepreneur needs to know?

06:02 - Can you tell me a little bit about your products?

16:04 - The way you chose to methodically do the research before launching Chiwis, is that something you learned from your previous experience in the tech industry?

18:45 - Why did you start marketing Chiwis the way you did right from the start? Why did you choose to not go to farmer’s markets?

21:32 - Why was it that Whole Foods jumped all over Chiwis, even though they’re not known for doing that?

26:17 - What are the biggest things that you’re able to draw from, from the tech experience you have that you’re able to apply to Chiwis that is different from what the rest of the food industry is used to?

31:46 - What are you doing, at this stage, to prepare for something that might be larger than your projection is?

36:06 - Is it fair to say that the critical thinking you’ve displayed in launching Chiwis comes from the bootstrapping you’ve done?

39:21 - If you could write your past self a letter, what would that letter say?

41:04 - What were some of the big takeaways from the speech given by Nike’s CMO that you were present for?

43:06 - If any of our viewers wanted to get in touch with you, how could they do that?

44:14 - Outro

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