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Episode 222: Digital Wellness in the Age of Hyperconnectivity

Featuring Amy Blankson of Digital Wellness Institute

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For Episode 222 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Amy Blankson, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Digital Wellness Institute. Amy is also a best-selling author, with her work, The Future of Happiness. She is a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, and a graduate of Harvard University and the Yale School of Management.


Amy created the Digital Wellness Institute to help organizations develop a roadmap for finding the sweet spot between productivity and well-being in the digital era. These days, the vast majority of people spend most of their days on their phones, tablets, or laptops, staring at their screens for most of their waking hours. Amy believes that that sense of hyperconnectivity creates a mental strain not only on us personally but also on our productivity at work and our abilities to communicate effectively. This is where the Digital Wellness Institute comes in. They’ll go into an organization, help business leaders identify their current digital culture, determine ways to measure it and find ways to improve it.

To learn more, visit the Digital Wellness Institute’s website at 


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00:00 - Intro

01:18 - What are three things that you think every entrepreneur needs to know?

02:10 - What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made on your entrepreneurial journey?

04:13 - What is the Digital Wellness Insitute, and what problems are you trying to solve?

08:01 - Has the pandemic influenced digital culture at all? And if so, how?

10:42 - What trends have you seen in terms of individuals who have a better grasp on digital wellness than others?

13:12 - What is your personal approach to digital wellness?

16:21 - Tell me about the journey of transitioning from your last entrepreneurial venture to the Digital Wellness Institute.

20:11 - Can you tell me a little bit about how you navigate through your own self-doubt?

23:39 - Are there any secrets, tips, or advice that you could give to other entrepreneurs just starting out on their journey?

27:11 - Walk me through your thought processes as you were trying to figure out funding for the Digital Wellness Institute.

31:36 - If you could go back in time and write your younger entrepreneurial self a letter, what would it say?

33:31 - If our audience wanted to connect with you, how could they do that?

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