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Episode 168: Fit + Fierce

Featuring Kelsey Vickers of Fit + Fierce

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For Episode 168 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Kelsey Vickers, the co-founder of Fit + Fierce. Fit + Fierce is a program run by two friends, Kelsey and Danielle, for young girls in grades 4 to 12 (this year, Fun + Fierce was developed for younger girls in grade 3). The program aims to provide school-aged girls with the support system, information, and wellness that many young girls find themselves needing at such a difficult age.


Fit + Fierce is an award-winning company, having secured the Mentorship Award from the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction presented by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce earlier this year for their work in mentoring young girls and teaching others to mentor.

To learn more about how to get involved with Fit + Fierce or even license their program to start your own, visit the Fit + Fierce website.


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00:00 - Intro

01:00 - What are three things you think every entrepreneur should know?

01:58 - What inspired you to get into this business with your partner?

03:14 - When you started this business 11 years ago, what was your initial plan?

03:54 - What is the age group of those enrolled in your classes?

05:00 - Tell us a little bit about winning the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction Mentorship Award.

06:39 - What inspires these girls to come back month after month?

08:03 - Why was it important to have a very well-rounded program for these girls?

10:03 - If you could write pre-entrepreneur you a letter, what would you say?

10:54 - Are you planning to franchise Fit + Fierce?

12:06 - Has the need for this type of program for young girls changed since COVID?

12:36 - Has your program changed from pre-COVID to today?

13:19 - What would you define success as?

14:34 - From a business model standpoint, is this the same type of business model as a regular gym, where it’s so much a month or year for membership?

15:20 - Where do you want your business to be in three years?

16:31 - What does your planning process look like?

17:31 - What are the biggest barriers to achieving your goals?

19:00 - How can people who may want to license your program or have their daughters join it, how can they connect with you?

19:42 - Outro 

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