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Forward Slash Summit

Featuring Amongst Others, Mustafa Sahin of Edmonton Global and Cathrine Warren of Edmonton Unlimited at Forward Slash Summit

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For Episode 173 of Amplify Your Business, we ventured out to the Forward Slash Summit on September 28th to experience the future of Edmonton’s economy first-hand (and maybe a glass of champagne or two along the way.)


Forward Slash is committed to “radically transforming and growing the economy of the Edmonton region.” With efforts to bring together local experts first undertaken during the early days of the pandemic, it was incredible to be rewarded for our patience with an industry-spanning event that could only be described as a big splash.


This episode was not only filmed on site, but it provides unique outlooks from a diverse group of entrepreneurs, business owners, and politicians. There’s a lot to unpack, but we hope you come out of it with even a fraction of the excitement we did!


To learn more about the summit and its mission, visit Forward Slash online.


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00:00 - Intro

00:27 - Mustafa Sahin, VP of Investment and Trade at Edmonton Global

05:46 - Catherine Warren, Ceo of Edmonton Unlimited

09:37 - Lisa Baroldi, President and CEO of Boma Edmonton

16:01 - Mallory Yawnghwe, Founder and CEO of Indigenous Box Inc

21:26 - Keren Tang, City of Edmonton, Karhio Ward Councillor

23:46 - Ian Wahl, Managing Owner of Alternate Route Coffee Co

28:38 - Outro

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