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Episode 219: Gorditos Fresh Mex Embracing Local Culture as an Expat Entrepreneur

Featuring Deidra Ciolko of Gorditos Fresh Mex

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For Episode 219 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Deidra Ciolko, the owner of Gorditos Fresh Mex. Deidra is an expat from the US who moved to the Dominican Republic 13 years ago. She and her partner decided to open up Gorditos Fresh Mex after noticing a gap in the market for fresh Mexican food in the Dominican. Employing locals has helped Deidra and her partner fully grasp not only the language but the local culture, which has helped their restaurant see great success since its opening. Bringing in fresh ingredients from local farmers and fishermen has allowed Deidra to realize her restaurant’s mission: creating a difference by putting more into the beautiful country she calls home than she takes out of it.

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00:00 - Intro

00:46 - Where are you originally from?

02:14 - Tell me about your experience working here in the Dominican Republic as an expat.

04:32 - 13 years into this venture, tell me about the ride so far. What has happened that’s surprised you?

06:30 - Can you tell us about the regulations around starting a business in the DR vs North America?

09:05 - What advice would you give to other expat entrepreneurs who want to set up a business here in the DR?

14:55 - Is this the place where you’re going to retire or will you go back to the US eventually?

16:17 - How do we find Gorditos?

17:59 - Outro

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