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Episode 217: From Real Estate Agent to Expat Entrepreneur

Featuring Julie Hewell of Homecore Realty

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For Episode 217 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Julie Hewell of Homecore Realty.  Julie is the owner of Homecore Realty in the Dominican Republic. Originally a real estate agent from the United States, Julie moved to the Dominican Republic with her family, with dreams of retiring and living the good life, spending time with her kids. However, as her kids entered their teens, Julie found herself looking for a new challenge. That’s when she founded Homecore Realty, a real estate agency that focuses on providing personalized and honest service to clients, both Dominican locals and fellow expats alike

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00:00 - Intro

01:03 - Was it your intention to move here to the Dominican Republic and start a business?

01:26 - Can you tell us a little bit about your work before you became an ex-pat and moved to the Dominican Republic?

03:21 - Are the realtors you work with local or ex-pats like yourself?

03:54 - What have been the biggest surprises you’ve had as an ex-pat starting a business here in the D.R?

06:03 - Did you find getting your business up and running to be slow moving based on having to deal with the slow-moving trades out here?

06:39 - Who is your typical target market?

09:57 - Have you had any experience with corruption since opening a business in the DR?

11:40 - Do you have any advice for other ex-pats who may want to start a business here in the DR?

16:09 - Outro

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