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Episode 159: Insight Psychological

Featuring Cory Hrushka of Insight Psychological

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For Episode 159 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Cory Hrushka, CEO of Insight Psychological, a psychological and counseling practice that services adults, children & youth, marriage and couples, families, and businesses.


Insight Psychological recently launched a tool, MyPsychPulse, for businesses to allow their employees to take an online screening test to evaluate where they are in regard to their own mental health. The screener is completely confidential and the business will only get aggregated data so they can get some statistics on how their company is doing from a mental health standpoint and find areas that they may need to pay attention to. Employees will get their own personal results, and they can take steps to engage Insight Psychological from there if they so choose.

To learn more about Insight Psychological, visit their website, or for businesses or entrepreneurs interested in their new tool, visit MyPsychPulse.


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00:00 - Intro

01:08 - What are some insights you’ve learned about entrepreneurship in your journey?

06:09 - Tell me about your business and how you’ve achieved so much success.

11:12 - In your practice, are you hearing a lot about the struggles entrepreneurs have been facing since the Pandemic started?

13:57 - What can entrepreneurs do to manage the ups and downs of entrepreneurship to maintain good mental health?

15:53 - What are some routines or best practices for entrepreneurs to maintain optimal mental health?

18:01 - Is there any advice you could give to entrepreneurs to ensure their employees are maintaining good mental health?

19:58 - How do employers or companies access your MyPsychPulse tool?

20:57 - What are the keys to your 25 years of success?

23:28 - Knowing what you know now, is there anything that you could have done differently to fast-track your growth?

27:23 - What advice would you give to entrepreneurs about hiring the right people?

30:06 - Tell us about the things you do to help other psychologists and businesses to give back to your community.

32:51 - How has your definition of success changed since the beginning of your career?

33:51 - What keeps you motivated to continue growing your business?

37:11 - How can people contact you?

38:04 - Outro

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