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Episode 215: Cleaning up the City with Integrity

Featuring Ryan Brown of Integrity Waste Solutions

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For Episode 215 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Ryan Brown, Partner and former Sales Manager at Integrity Waste Solutions. Integrity is a waste solutions and management company that serves local Edmonton residential areas as well as commercial properties in the Edmonton Region. They chose the name Integrity because it is their mission to bring honesty and integrity back to the waste management solutions industry and the customers they serve, which they do mainly through upfront pricing, which the larger companies don’t offer.

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00:00 - Intro

01:16 - What are three things that every entrepreneur should know?

05:34 - The backstory of Integrity Waste Solutions

09:30 - Can you tell us a bit about Integrity Waste Solutions?

14:13 - How do you cultivate the innovative culture within your business?

17:25 - How challenging was the decision to walk away from Integrity?

21:02 - What are the criteria when trying to determine your next venture?

22:11 - What would success look like for you in your next venture?

23:06 - What do you think is going to be easier this next go-round?

23:56 - Do you have any advice for anyone else at this point in their journey?

25:50 - How can our audience members connect with you?

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