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Matthew Pollard of The Introvert's Edge

For this episode of Amplify Your Business,

we’re joined by our signature guest, Matthew Pollard. Matthew is the author of the Introvert’s Edge book series and public speaker who travels the world teaching introverted people how to be successful salespeople. Matthew is also the National Brand Ambassador for BX Networking, an organization that educates small business owners on how to develop and grow their business so that they can live the life they’ve always wanted. Matthew is often called the Rapid Growth Guy because he challenges business owners to think differently and transform their businesses to be more successful.


A learning disability left Matthew with a sixth-grade reading level by the time he had graduated highschool. This learning disability caused Matthew to become incredibly introverted in his teen years and had caused him to lose jobs and miss out on opportunities. However, it also pushed him to do better. To overcome not only his learning disability, but also his introvertedness. This push would eventually see him become the renowned author, public speaker, and small business guru that he is today. Today, Matthew has helped transform over 3500 struggling businesses and run five multi-million dollar successful businesses of his own.

To learn more, visit, sign up to become a BX Networking member, or register for the BX Networking Reimagined Special Theatre event.

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00:00 - Intro

01:16 - Tell us a bit about BX Networking and the speaking event you’ll be doing here in Edmonton in January.

05:51 - It’s interesting to see that small business owners who’ve faced the greatest challenges often become the most resilient and successful.

08:47 - The magic ingredient.

17:24 - How do you challenge entrepreneurs or business owners to approach their businesses differently?

24:37 - Is storytelling something that you have worked at or have you always had this gift?

30:48 - The power of story.

33:41 - If you could send a letter back in time to your younger self, what would it say?

36:35 - As the ambassador of BX, can you give us a bit of a snapshot to how BX is different from other networking organizations?

41:15 - Register for BX’s Networking Reimagined event on January 24th.

42:44 - Outro

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