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Episode 234: Exploring the World of Kratom with MIT45

Featuring Ryan Niddel of MIT45

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For Episode 234 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Ryan Niddel, the CEO of MIT45. MIT45 is a kratom company. Kratom is what we call the leaves of a tropical tree in the coffee family, Mitragyna speciosa, that is indigenous to Southeast Asia. These leaves contain a chemical called mitragynine that produces stimulant-like effects (like caffeine) in low doses that help with focus, clarity, and energy. In higher doses, these leaves offer sedative-like effects, providing users with a relaxing sensation, and allowing for better sleep and less muscle pain.

MIT45 is working hard to educate the masses on this new, mostly unheard-of substance, espousing its benefits, and battling against the fearmongering currently making its way through mainstream media.

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00:00 - Intro

01:21 - What are three things that you think every entrepreneur needs to know?

06:05 - Let’s talk about MIT45. What are you guys doing? What problems are you trying to solve? 

11:54 - What are the potential biggest roadblocks to MIT45 getting to your goal of taking on the global market?

17:01 - At what point in a company’s trajectory should they start looking at acquisitions being an integral part of their growth strategy?

23:57 - What lessons did you learn through the process of your early mistakes in entrepreneurship?

29:13 - How did you bounce back from your business being a huge success to having to shut your doors completely, and then launching your next business venture that turned into a multimillion-dollar exit as well?

34:32 - Where does your passion, your drive for entrepreneurship come from?

38:23 - If you could write a letter to your pre-entrepreneurial self, what advice would you give?

40:44 - If our audience wanted to connect with you, how could they go about doing that?

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