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Episode 172: NACO Commercial Property Solutions

Featuring Nadine and Franco Dookhoo of NACO Commercial Property Solutions

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For Episode 172 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Nadine and Franco Dookhoo, co-owners of Naco Commercial Property Solutions, a company that employs a team of knowledgeable experts to get down and dirty to keep commercial properties running smoothly and cleanly, so their owners don’t have to. Whether it’s snow removal, parking lot maintenance, landscaping, window washing, building clean outs, or anything in between, Naco has it covered.

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00:00 - Intro

01:10 - What are three pieces of knowledge that you think every entrepreneur should know?

03:45 - Can you give us a little background as to what Naco does?

06:09 - What have you learned along the way in your 16 year entrepreneurial journey?

09:46 - If either or both of you were to write a letter to your younger selves, what would the letter say?

13:54 - Do you ever have any hesitancy with collecting payment from clients who may be late making them?

17:35 - As business partners who are married, how do you two make it work?

21:09 - Do you see a lot of staff turnover in your business?

23:54 - What is your strategy for working employee ownership into your business?

27:54 - So your strategy is communicate with employees to find out who is wanting to grow within the business and then train them into senior roles and profit sharing?

31:29 - What is going to be the key to your successful growth?

34:26 - What does success look like for you?

40:43 - Outro

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