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Episode 192: NXT-GEN

Featuring Colin Tran of NXT-GEN

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For Episode 192 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Colin Tran, the founder, and president of NXT-GEN at the University of Alberta. At a high level, NXT-GEN was originally founded to bring entrepreneurship to the high school level. It has since evolved into an organization that connects those students - that next generation of Edmonton entrepreneurs - with our city’s rapidly developing entrepreneurial ecosystem. This program was developed with the dream of helping to launch the next generation of young entrepreneurs into that ecosystem and get them started on their entrepreneurial journeys.

To learn more, visit the NXT-GEN website at 


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00:00 - Intro

00:58 - Can you give us a rundown as to what you’re trying to do with NXT-GEN?

02:22 - Did NXT-GEN start with high schoolers because you were once a high schooler wishing for this kind of program to help you get into the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

05:06 - What are some of the gaps you’re trying to fill in terms of university courses for entrepreneurship?

07:00 - What are you finding in terms of the background of the students who are interested in NXT-GEN?

09:01 - Is NXT-GEN also focused on bridging the gap between students and industry as well?

10:58 - Are most of these students coming into NXT-GEN with a business idea or a business already started?

13:14 - Do you come from a family of entrepreneurs? Where does this passion for entrepreneurship come from?

16:57 - With the students you’re working with, do you find that there’s this extra excitement because they can take those risks right now when they’re young?

22:22 - How can our audience support NXT-GEN?

24:06 - Outro

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