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Episode 194: OSP Microcheck

Featuring Virginia Wornstaff of OSP Microcheck

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For Episode 194 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Virginia Wornstaff, the CEO of OSP Microcheck. OSP Microcheck is a company that specializes in microbial identification, surveillance, and mitigation in the oil and gas sector. OSP Microcheck works with the global oil and gas industry to develop solutions for the effects of water and its use, and through data-driven analysis, they help companies in the oil and gas sector decide which biocides are the right ones for their particular application.

To learn more, visit the OSP Microcheck website at 


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00:00 - Intro

01:06 - What do you think are three things every entrepreneur needs to know?

03:08 - What is OSP Microcheck all about?

05:22 - Do you operate globally?

08:07 - What role does your background in entrepreneurship play in regard to your work with OSP?

10:47 -Do you find your entrepreneurial mind and scientific mind are at odds at times throughout your work with OSP?

 14:59 - Are there unique challenges to coming in as an employee, then an investor, and now leading the company versus starting your own company?

20:56 - What is easier at this stage of the company’s journey to be able to allow you the opportunity to evolve and change the business?

24:52 - If you could bring another entrepreneur along on this part of your journey right now, whether someone famous or someone you know personally, who would that be and why?

26:45 - If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would it say?

28:12 - If someone in our audience wanted to contact you, how could they do that?

28:44 - Outro

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