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Episode 183: ScaleHR

Featuring Jeff Waldman of ScaleHR

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For Episode 183 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Jeff Waldman, the founder, and principal of ScaleHR. ScaleHR helps small to mid-size businesses scale their HR and People Operations through strategy and operations advice and resources, tech stack support and help, identifying value props, and growing leadership skills. They also help recruitment tech and HR startups build better solutions and software for their own businesses.

To learn more, visit the ScaleHR website.


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00:00 - Intro

01:09 - In your experience, what are three things every entrepreneur needs to know?

03:11 - Where did you get your strong business acumen from?

04:27 - Can you tell us a little about ScaleHR?

09:48 - Can you explain what you offer in terms of tech stacks to your clients?

12:27 - With the more widespread acceptance of hybrid and remote workplaces, what changes from an HR standpoint?

16:19 - Do you think that, regardless of technology, the days of having that work-life separation are over now? 

19:47 - How do you support your team to navigate through working with so many different people with different personalities and beliefs surrounding work-life balance?

25:22 - If you could have had $1 million at the start of ScaleHR, what would you have done differently?

28:04 - What is your take on the entrepreneurial lifestyle? What do you love about it? What do you find most difficult?

30:12 - How do you manage the emotional roller coaster that comes with being an entrepreneur?

33:54 - If people wanted to reach out to you, how could they do that?

34:35 - Outro

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