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Episode 160: The Fort Distillery

Featuring Nathan Flim of The Fort Distillery

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  • For Episode 160 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Nathan Flim, the founder and CEO of The Fort Distillery. The Fort Distillery was founded in 2018 by Nathan and continues to be a family-owned and run distillery in Saskatchewan, Alberta. 

    When The Fort Distillery first opened, they distilled vodka, gin, and a few liqueurs, but in 2019, they quickly saw the rise in popularity of ready-to-serve cocktails and decided they wanted to get into the game, but do it differently. Their Tumbler and Rocks line was born from the idea that they wanted to introduce people to cocktail culture who may not have experienced it before.  Crafted in beautiful glass bottles, the ready-made cocktails are designed to be opened, poured over ice, and enjoyed.

    To learn more, visit The Fort Distillery website or Instagram.


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00:00 - Intro

01:13 - Tell me a little bit about your brand.

04:45 - Can you explain the decision behind the packaging of your Tumbler and Rocks line?

07:18 - What are three things every entrepreneur should know?

12:25 - How to find the right mentor for you.

17:59 - How do you overcome the challenges of delegating?

23:17 - What inspired you to start The Fort Distillery?

25:44 - The future of craft distilleries.

27:55 - What changes have you had to make with the industry growing the way it is?

30:48 - What challenges have you faced expanding into the U.S?

32:45 - In the U.S do you market yourself as a Canadian product?

34:12 - If you had received a cash infusion when you started, how would that have changed things?

37:26 - If you could, how would you mentor yourself when you started?

40:48 - How did you identify the problem you are solving?

44:46 - What would success look like for you 10 years from now?

47:17 - Outro

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