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Episode 169: Willful

Featuring Erin Bury of Willful

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For Episode 169 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Erin Bury, co-founder and CEO of Willful, a death tech business. Death tech is an industry that strives to push the way Canadians deal with death into the digital age. It’s moving from paper-based processes like drafting wills, estate planning, estate executing, etc., into the online world. Willful, as a business, sits firmly in the pre-planning stages of death: drafting wills, getting power of attorney documents, and building out other plans that will help families when their loved one passes away, and ensures that their voice is heard after they’re gone.


Last year, Erin and her co-founder Kevin went in front of the Dragons on Dragon’s Den Canada, seeking a $500,000 investment, which they successfully secured.

To learn more, visit the Willful website.


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00:00 - Intro

00:54 - What is death tech?

01:27 - Where does Willful fit into the death tech industry?

01:49 - How are you revolutionizing this aspect of end-of-life planning?

03:50 - Do you see the older demographic adopting these online practices easily?

06:03 - Does Willful have an area where it can hold passwords for the family of loved ones to access their online footprint once they pass?

07:20 - Is Willful a useful tool for entrepreneurs?

09:02 - How old is Willful?

10:35 - I understand that you were on Dragon’s Den?

11:45 - Did you secure a deal with the Dragons?

12:22 - Can you tell us about the experience of being on Dragon’s Den?

14:40 - How much of an advantage have you received by having the Dragon Michelle Romano on board?

15:37 - How much consulting do you get from Michelle Romano?

17:21 - In your opinion, what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your entrepreneurial journey?

20:13 - Can you talk to me about cap tables and term sheets?

25:52 - What do you think are the keys to your growth over the next three to five years?

27:42 - How did you secure a partnership deal with CIBC?

29:19 - What was the intention behind approaching CIBC for a partnership, rather than a fintech company?

31:22 - Do you currently have any plans to expand beyond the Canadian marketplace, and what are your challenges going to be there?

32:34 - How can people connect with you?

33:19 - Outro

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