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Episode 153: Yelo'd Ice Cream

Featuring Ailynn and Jason Wong of Yelo'd Ice Cream

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For Episode 153 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Ailynn and Jason from Yelo’d Ice Cream, a mom-and-pop ice cream joint that blends Asian and Philippino flavours with one of Canada’s favourite desserts: ice cream.

Yelo’d got its humble start in the home kitchen of Jason and Ailynn, where they would whip up different flavours of ice cream for their children. After one of their daughters remarked that they should open an ice cream shop, the pair got to work to make it a reality. Through the power of social media, word of this one-of-a-kind ice cream parlour made the rounds, and soon, Ailynn and Jason had crowdfunded enough capital to open Yelo’d!

To learn more about Yelo’d Ice Cream, visit their website or check out what crazy flavours they’re cooking up next on their Instagram.


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0:00 - Intro

1:55 - The idea behind Yelo’d Ice cream.

5:01 - What role did social media have in starting Yelo’d Ice Cream?

7:30 - What led to your success on social media?

9:22 - What makes your ice cream unique?

11:20 - Get the exclusive flavours while you can!

18:00 - What challenges did your first winter bring?

20:00 - The impact of Covid-19.

24:50 - What social media platform performed best for you?

26:33 - 20k followers and counting!

29:55 - Advice for gaining followers.

31:39 - Starting your food truck vs food delivery services.

40:35 - The concept of a ghost kitchen.

44:51 - What lessons have you learned and what would you do differently?

47:14 - Outro

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