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Dennis Geelen of Zero In

For this episode of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by Dennis Geelen, the founder and Chief Difference Maker at Zero In. Zero In is a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses conquer indifference in whatever way that looks for them - whether it be indifferent customers who don’t want to buy products or indifferent employees who aren’t passionate about their work.


Zero In helps businesses fight indifference by increasing customer retention, improving customer experience, and teaching them to build a passionate work culture of innovation that allows their employees to adapt, learn, and develop better ways to serve their clients. When you build a passionate work culture, you make your employees passionate about the work that they’re doing, which, in turn, conquers customer indifference as well. If your team is passionate about your product or service, your customers will be, too.


Aside from Zero In, Dennis has just released his fourth book, the Accidental Solopreneur, which launches on September 6th. He also teaches a course about learning the steps he took to become a successful solopreneur called the Solopreneur Playbook: 6 Steps to Freedom. Listeners of our podcast can get a 25% discount for this course by entering the promo code tvzvajc.

To learn more, visit Zero In.

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0:00 - Intro

1:05 - Three key things every entrepreneur needs to know.

3:46 - The transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. 

6:52 - Were you able to build your niche from your corporate experience?

8:57 - How did you decide on your niche and how would you describe it?

10:46 - Becoming an author: What problems are your books solving?

13:04 - What was your breakthrough moment?

16:54 - How long did it take you to gain momentum?

20:43 - Launching into Solopreneurship.

23:26 - What challenges did you face becoming an author?

25:00 - Advice for anyone wanting to write a book.

27:12 - What can we learn from your Solopreneur Playbook course?

29:50 - The 6 Steps: Course overview

36:50 - Is there a strategic reason for deviating from your original niche?

39:18 - When would you advise changing niches?

41:53 - How do we find your courses and connect with you?

42:57 - Outro

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