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Episode 166: Zero Point Cryogenics

Featuring John Davis of Zero Point Cryogenics

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For Episode 166 of Amplify Your Business, we’re joined by John Davis, the CTO and Co-Founder of Zero Point Cryogenics, a company that manufactures dilution refrigerators. Dilution refrigerators are the method of continuously cooling below one kelvin. In fact, Zero Point Cryogenics refrigerators cool to around ten millikelvin - which is roughly -273.14 degrees celsius, just 0.01 degrees shy of Absolute Zero.

When most people hear the word “cryogenics,” they tend to think of body preservation, but Zero Point Cryogenics’ focus is on quantum technology, including quantum computers.

To learn more, visit the Zero Point Cryogenics website or follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter for some cool cryogenic info.


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00:00 - Intro

01:14 - Why would you need a refrigerator that cools to ten millikelvins?

02:40 - What is the market size for a business like this?

04:12 - What does your competitive landscape look like?

06:41 - What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

09:18 - If you could write your pre-entrepreneurial self a letter, what would you say?

11:20 - Where did you get the expertise to understand the market and the customer base?

14:04 - In terms of supply chain management in the area of quantum computing, how important do you think Zero Point Cryogenics is going to be in this industry?

18:15 - Now that you’ve made your first sales, how will the direction of the company change or shift?

20:35 - What are your next steps on your path to grow Zero Point Cryogenics?

22:23 - Are you facing any challenges in regards to recruiting?

25:11 - If someone had given you 1M or 10M pre-commercialization of Zero Point Cryogenics, what would you have done differently?

26:31 - How can people contact or connect with you?

28:18 - Outro 

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