Why Optimized Video Titles Are Hotter Than Jennifer Lawrence

Let’s be honest, we all have things we know we should be doing and with the best of intentions we write them down in a list and tuck it away somewhere for ‘when we have time’…but we never really have the time when there’s 20 other priorities vying for our attention, do we?

I pulled this exact move as I stared down over 100 video titles that desperately needed to be updated. “I’ll get to it right after I finish this other project,” I said optimistically. That was 6 months ago…

The reality is, I can’t afford to put it off any longer. And neither can you.

Whether you have a library of videos or just one, the titles and descriptions for each are the most important factor as to whether your video shows up in your potential customers’ search results. And when they hit that ‘Search’ button (as they procrastinate on their own ‘When I Have Time’ lists), you want your video to be the one that captures their attention. Which is why your video titles need to be even hotter than Jennifer Lawrence!

So I’ve compiled a list of easy-to-use tools that’ll help you optimize your video titles in less time and with less effort, to make them stand out above the rest.

To best illustrate this, let’s imagine I’m trying, and failing miserably, to think of a title for a recruitment video…

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool cracked me up more than a few times with its comical titles referencing everything from Taylor Swift to a zombie apocalypse. If you’re looking for trendy, laughable titles, then this tool is for you!

Buzzfeed’s Headline Generator

Speaking of trendy and laughable, Buzzfeed’s headlines are revered as a style all their own. If you’re looking for unique, conversational titles that are always on-point, this tool will quickly become your go-to.

Now we just need to include 73 nerdy points in our recruitment video…

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Your first thought might be “how does this one fit in, we’re not generating titles for articles or blog posts?!” But stick with me. Simply entering in ‘working at Amplomedia’ generated over 100 potential titles in 13 specific categories. I promise you’ll find more than one gem hidden amongst all these options!

Kinda like these ones we found for our search:

Tell me you wouldn’t want to work for us if you saw a recruitment video title like that!

Kill Writer’s Block with Inbound Now

‘Generate SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles & Kill Writer’s Block’…perfect! Again, gloss over the reference to blog posts because the title formulas Inbound Now offers are a perfect mix of art and science. Just fill in the blanks and you’re ready to go!
If You Don’t Apply to Amplomedia Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

We would tend to agree 😉

Headline Wizard by Tim Gross

Obviously, not all videos are recruitment related. For those videos that are more on the sales side, this incredibly comprehensive tool was created by a renowned copywriter and delivers headlines with just the right punch without any advertising cheese.

In less time than it’ll take you to finish a cup of coffee you can generate hundreds of unique, funny and all-around awesome titles to optimize your videos so people will actually watch them. Now you can triumphantly cross one more thing off your to-do list and spend the time you saved doing something else…which probably involves procrastinating on something you really should be doing! 😉

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